Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make-up Days

After attending seminary for 4 years, students are presented with a graduation certificate. If they do not attend at least 80% of the time during one of those years, they are not given a 4 year certificate, but are just given a certificate of completion for the number of years they attended 80% of the time. However, students can at any time before graduation, make up missed days. I have two students who have missed many days of seminary in past years. Today I explained to one of those students that she could pick a chapter out of the student manual from the year she missed, and read through it and do the activities. I would then give her credit for one day's attendance for each chapter that she did. (a chapter is only about a page or two long) She asked, "How many days do I need to make up?" I told her, "Well, you need 80% attendance, and you had 43% for that year". Her friend said, "Basically, do the whole book." ;)

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Nene said...

That's what our kids had to do for makeup too. One chapter (lesson) for each day they missed. And that is the ONLY thing they could do for makeup.