Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Warning Lights

My daughter took one of our cars back with her to school. This particular car is an older model Infinity that has about 200,000 miles on it. This has been, by far, the best car we have ever owned. The main reason my husband stopped commuting in it was because my kids needed a used car to drive back and forth to school. We decided we would rather them drive a used car we knew something about than to buy someone else's used car. My daughter is starting her Junior year, majoring in film. The film studio is quite a walk from her apartment, so at night, or in the winter that wouldn't be a safe walk for her. Having a car will really help her out.

When my kids were still driving it to school, the engine light came on. Nothing is wrong with the car, but the electrical system is very sensitive, so the least little change will make the engine light go on. When we were preparing to have it resmogged, we were concerned because we knew that it would be expensive to run the diagnostics to find out why the light was on, and have it turned off by the mechanic. While we were taking my daughter to the airport to go to the holy land, our son called and told us the light had suddenly turned off. We told him to QUICK go get it smogged! He was able to get it smogged without any problems, and without the extra expense of having the light problem diagnosed. We felt that was really a blessing for us.

Yesterday my daughter called me, and I noticed there was a nervous edge to her voice. She said, "Um....the engine light just came on in the car". I had to explain to her that it had been on for a couple of years, and had mysteriously turned off long enough for us to get the car smogged. It is kind of nerve wracking to tell this to a child, but I told her that if everything seems to be running fine, and she doesn't hear noises, or see smoke, then to not worry about the light. I think the car is fine, and I think the short reprieve we got was just God blessing us to get the car smogged without additional expense. It's just one of those blessings we get from paying tithing. :)

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Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your miracle with us. That is a wonderful blessing you received. (I still remember having to fork over over $800 to pass a smog test when everything in the car seemed to be working just fine. We were not happy. So I'm glad you were able to avoid that bill!)