Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Touch the Pandas

While I was visiting my friend today, she told me that there were a lot of stray cats living on a hillside near her home. This friend is from the Phillipines. She said, "There are some...what do you call them? I think they are called Pandas, living on that hill.". Her daughter and I were confused and said, "Pandas?". She said, "Yes, they are black and white.". I said, "Um, I don't think those are pandas." She said, "They look like cats." I said, "Yes, they look like cats, but I'm sure they are skunks!" She said, "Skunks?" I don't know, maybe she has never seen skunks before. I said, "Do they have a stripe on them?" She said yes. I said, "Those are skunks! Don't touch them or they will spray you and it stinks!" I'm glad we had this little talk before she went to go pet the pandas.

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Amber said...

or eat them LOL j/k