Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Animal Magnetism

Tonight I went to visit some friends. Their teenagers had some friends over, and soon they left to go home. Minutes later, they came back and said they had just found a kitten in the road. I jumpeed up to go out and see the kitten. My love of cats clowded my common sense for a moment because I reached out to pet the kitten without noticing that the girl was holding it by the scruff of the neck. I got a good scratch and bite in return for my friendliness. I washed it well, so I better not get cat scratch fever or something. The girl who had found the kitten was talking to her mother on her cell phone. She ended the call and told us that she had just recently brought a cat home, and her mother wouldn't let her take another. I told her I thought I knew someone who would take the kitten, so they let me bring it home.

First of all, let me say that this kitten is beautiful! She looks like a siamese: white with dark tail, ears, and face. She has striking blue eyes. She looks like she is about 6 weeks old. I was kind of afraid to handle her after her initial fight with me. I called the friends who gave me my dog because I knew they are animal lovers and always take in strays. I guess I should have thought more carefully before leaving a message on their machine, because I said, "If I don't find someone to take her, I might take her to the pound in the morning". I knew I couldn't keep her myself. But ideally I wanted someone to take her and tame her before taking her to the pound. Wildness in an animal that is taken to the pound is a sure death sentence. The friends kind of freaked at my message and came directly to my house to get the kitten. By the time they came, I had found another friend who said she would ask around at work tomorrow to see if anyone was interested in taking this kitten. This family that took her agreed to keep her for two weeks, and if none of the coworkers want this kitten, they will keep her.

As much as I love cats, and animals, I recognize my financial limitations. This kitten had fleas, and I'm sure had no shots yet. She will need to be spayed, and get all her shots. I have my hands full just with the cat and dog I already have. But someone is going to love this beautiful little Siamese. But what is happening? Am I an animal magnet or something lately? :)


Amber said...

maybe you are a stray animal whisperer lol

Nene said...

Well whisper louder next time so the animal won't scratch (or bite) you!