Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cool as a Cucumber

Sometimes when you go to the dentist, they will ask you what, on a scale of 1-10, is your anxiety level. (10 being high) My answer would be -1. For some reason, when I go to the dentist, or any other place where I have to lay in a chair or on a table, I'm usually so relaxed that when I leave I feel like I've had a nap. I don't quite know why I do this, maybe I've been desensitized to needles and procedures.

Today I had to go in for a needle biopsy of some cysts on my thyroid. I won't get the results until the first of next week, but the doctor is confident that the results will be good. I have a family history of benign thyroid cysts, so he feels confident that I just inherited goofy thyroid genes. During the procedure I felt really relaxed, and a little sleepy. After the procedure he asked how I was, and I said, "Sleepy". He said this was one of the easiest byopsies he has done. I do think that being relaxed not only helps the patient, but that my energy is transmitted to the doctor who can also relax. While I'm not saying I would choose the experience, still it was about as stressful to me as getting my hair cut. that I think of it, that is stressful for some people too. Not me....I'm the one who melts in to the chair at the dentist.

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Amber said...

i agree I love being able to lay and sit LOL - but even though i don't "feel" like I'm nervous at the doctor's I get "white-coat syndrome" which means my blood pressure goes up when I go to the doctor, I'm constantly arranging and re-arranging myself to be proper and prepared instead of just relaxing