Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Psychic Connection

I meant to meantion something about the one friend in my last post. I have noticed something about our friendship over the past years. I think we have a sort of psychic connection. I know that may sound weird, but this happens to me EVERY time she contacts me, without fail. I don't correspond with her very often, I'm not sure why, I think because she lives far away, I just forget. Months will go by, even years, and then all of the sudden I find myself thinking about her. Without fail, shortly after I find myself thinking about her, she will call me. In the past couple of years, I have noticed that this happens, and when I find myself thinking about her, I say to myself, "Write her an email so you can be the first to contact her". But without fail, I always procrastinate, and she calls me first. She is a very spiritual person, although she doesn't belong to a religion. But she is very godlike, and really looks for opportunities to bless other people's lives. I'm not sure why, but she and I are dialed in to the same frequency. I know it might sound far fetched, but this has happened to me NUMEROUS times, so I'm convinced there is some sort of psychic or spiritual connection there.


Nene said...

I have a friend in Dallas that I do the same thing with. If a week or two goes by and I am thinking about her and I don't call her, she will call me - and vice versa. But then time will go by and I won't think of her a all. But whenever I am thinking about her, she will call. When I call her she will say, I've been thinking about calling you. :0)

Amber said...

Ditto with me and my best friend, I even once had a dream about her that was true and no one in the world could have known it but her.