Saturday, August 23, 2008

Proposition 8

This morning I'm going to go door to door to help heighten awareness of Proposition 8, and hopefully find more supporters. This will be tough because Hollywood is financially backing up the gay/lesbian agenda. I feel very strongly about this issue and want to help with the grass roots movement. If you are homosexual, please spare me the sermons about how you are people too. I have many gay/lesbian friends. I like them as people, even though I don't approve of their choices. I have many friends whose actions I disaprove of, but that doesn't keep me from being their friend. This isn't about their worth as a person, or my ability to like them as a person, this is about our law, and how this issue will affect our country.

Proposition 8 states, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California". Our State already voted on this issue in 2000, but Mayor Gavin Newsom decided that he had the power to override the wishes of the voters, (thereby nulling the democratic process) and allowed same sex marriages in San Francisco. I can not tell you how apalling this is to me. There are those who would undermine our democratic rights to serve their own political purposes, even though it destroys our freedoms. What does Gavin Newsome think is the meaning of democracy? Does it mean to override the wishes of the majority of the people to cater to the wishes of a small minority?

The argument that the gay lesbian agenda makes is that they should have the freedom to live how they want. Many will even argue that God "made them that way". My rebuttal is that there are many in this world who were born with predispositions to one lifestyle or another. Certainly child pedofiles could make this argument. But do we as a society allow them to act on their predispositions? By the gay lesbian agenda's very own arguments, pedophiles certainly have the right to live how they want. Just because a person has a tendency, or predisposition, doesn't mean they should be allowed to act on it. I don't think that scientific research will support that gays were destined to be gay, and they have no control over it. I think at best, scientific research only supports that they may have been born with a tendency to be gay. But frankly, I may have been born with a tendency to be alcoholic, but I don't drink, so I will never know. There may be a small select few who truly were "born gay", but I don't think that science will back up the largest portion of the gay/lesbian population being "born gay".

But my own personal views aside, the bigger question for me is what effect their agenda will have on our constition if Prop. 8 doesn't pass. If same sex marriage is allowed, it opens the legal flood gates for every other form of untraditional marriage. Here are a few that I thought of:
--Polygamy. If same sex couples can argue that they have the right to marry, then there is nothing to prevent polygamous couples from using the same argument. Within this type of marriage is included Polygyny, which is the marriage of one man to multiple wives, or polyandry which is the marriage of one women to multiple men.
--Sibling to Sibling marriage, or even Parent to child. This may sound far fetched, but once the legal door is opened, all things are possible
--I heard recently that the news reported a man who wanted to marry an inanimate object..I think it was his toothbrush. Should this be allowed? What does this say about the instituion of marriage?
--Human to animal marriages. Once again, this may sound far fetched, but this has happened in history. See wikpedia.

I was thinking about how marriage came about in the first place. Marriage was ordained and instituted of God. This started as a religious ceremony. The gays and lesbians want part in this ceremony, even though the Bible is very clear that homosexuality is not approved by God. I once read a letter to the editor written by a gay man who suggested that we should change the Bible and take out all of the parts that were offensive to the gays and lesbians. I wrote in and suggested that he go ahead and make that change, and while he was at it, make any other changes he felt necessary, but that he shouldn't call it the Bible. Once you change it to support popular opinion, it isn't the Bible anymore. The same goes with marriage.


gilbert girl said...

I agree with everything you seems like this entire country caters more and more and more to the minority opinion instead of the majority vote. One of the problems isthat the minority opinion is usually louder and "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." If more of the majority would speak up and stand up for their beliefs we probably wouldn't have problems like this in the first place but everyone is so afraid of being "politically correct" nowadays it's pathetic. Ah, don't get me started....;O)

Looney said...

Yes, I agree with all that is written. The only variation being that this really isn't about catering to the rights of a small minority, because, um, gays don't marry, unless it is intended as a spoof on marriage.

Epitome of Sweetness said...

I actually have changed my mind on this: And I think people should be able to choose for themselves the way they want to live. I personally don't agree with homosexuality, but that's because I was raised in a religion that doesn't support it. But who are we to decide someone else's lives? It bothered me a lot at first, maybe Hollywood got me. I don't endorse it, but I'm not against it, either.

David and Chanelle said...

I am for Yes on 8!
Some view it as being unfair, but Proposition 8 doesn't take away any rights or benefits from gay or lesbian domestic partners. Under California Law, they "shall have the same rights, protections and benefits" as married spouses (Family Code 297.5). Proposition 8 will not change this. It just wouldn't be called marriage, and public school teachers wouldn't have to tell children it is the same as marriage. I am a concerned parent and think that our children should be protected from being taught in public schools that same-sex marriage is the same as traditional marriage. Those kind of discussions should be handled in the home and not in the schools.