Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Losing It

I hopped in the shower this morning and was thinking about a question asked on my religion blog. I was deeply thinking about the best way to formulate my answer, and I even contemplated polling my Sunday school class because I thought it might be a good teaching moment for them as well. My psychologist nephew Psychodoctor said that as you age you lose cognitive flexibility. I am now the poster child for that term. I was scrubbing away and went to put some conditioner in my hair. I was thinking about my blog, and polling my class, and vaguely noticed that the conditioner was a different color than normal. I put it in my hair, vaguely noticing that it seemed more sudsy than usual. Then, as the next step in my routine, I reached for my scrubby and body wash. I started putting body wash on the scrubby when suddenly I realized I was holding the hair conditioner. I washed the conditioner off the scrubby and reached for the body wash. As I picked it up, I suddenly wondered what I had put in my hair. I realized that I had put body wash in my hair! I guess my hair will be extra clean today. The silliest part of this is that we just got back from a trip, and I unpacked my shower items, but didn't put them in the normal spots that I usually keep them. I inadvertantly swapped the conditioner spot with the body wash spot. I know I have a birthday coming up in about a month, but wow, I'm really losing it fast!


Max said...

Hey D!

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ok, that was funny!

It's interesting how distractive we can get when we are focused on an issue...what a dichotomy!

Have a pleasant week, dear!


Looney said...

I think that the theory of loss of "cognitive flexibility" is all a conspiracy of the young to do in the old. Part of the "never trust anyone over 30 mindset!