Monday, June 09, 2008

A New Space

I know this may not look like much to you, but I am THRILLED to finally have these two desks in to place! Awhile back I had my own desk for my craft supplies, but we had to do some rearranging, and my desk got requisitioned by someone else in the family. Since then, my supplies have floated around the house, and it's been difficult to find them when I needed them. Finally, this week I decided I wanted to finally reclaim some space for myself. The desk on the left is mine, the desk on the right is for my husband to use for his stamp collecting. He has never had a space like this for his stamps before, so I think he will enjoy it. When I talked to him yesterday about doing this, he adamantly stated that he didn't want me to do this. We had a row of book cases in this spot, and he liked having his books nearby. But I just felt we both needed a desk, so I did the work and moved all of the book cases and books and desks. He doesn't know it yet, but he is going to enjoy having this space. :) And besides...he can walk in to the next room and get his books. :P

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Nene said...

I love having my own desk. I acquired it when my husband began drooling over a roll-top desk he saw. His solution to getting it was to give me his desk. I don't use it for crafts, but I do use it for doing my callings.