Friday, June 13, 2008

Hot Cross Buns

Tonight was my oldest son's graduation from High school. I feel like I have really accomplished something just by keeping him alive this long. This is the son who has always liked to defy death. In case you missed the post where I wrote about him, you can click here. It was nice to see him graduate, but I have to say that it wasn't the most comfortable experience.

It was very hot today....not as hot as when my daughter graduated, but still not comfortable. The ceremony was held outside in the stadium, so we all wore wide brimmed hats. My daughter was embarassed that I wore a hat from the ones people wear when planting rice. It may not have been the most stylish, but it sure did keep the sun off. The worst part for us was that when we sat on the cement seats of the stadium, our rear ends began to burn. The cement had been soaking up the heat from the sun. At one point the man in front of me was squirming (we all were squirming) and I said, "This is what they call hot cross buns". We tried sitting on our programs, but the heat came right through. Seriously, I think I could have grilled a cheese sandwich on that cement seat, and in fact, my rear end feels a little grilled tonight. But even after all of the discomforts, I think what I will remember is the look on my son's face in this picture...pure happiness that he is done with high school!


Fromagette said...

Hurray for graduations! What a wonderful time for all of you. (By the way, send some of that heat up North. We've had one sunny half-day in the past two weeks.)

Nene said...

Great picture!

Native Minnow said...

That's great that he graduated. Will he be following his sister to college?

Max said...

Hey D!

Congratulations for your kid's graduation!!! You must be really proud :D!

It is a crime to do a cerimony outside under the sun! I hate it when it is too bloody hot *nodding*!
The imagery of rears feeling like they are being grilled is awful (I can see myself in that situation)!!

My friend, I know you just looked cool in your vietnamese hat :D!