Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silver Threads Among the Gold

A neighboring congregation goes once a month to have a sing along at a nearby care center. The pianist couldn't go this time, so asked if I would sub for her. She gave me the music ahead of time. I'm familiar with much of it, because my parents were of the same generation, and growing up, I played music of their day. Some of the songs aren't really sung in our church, but are common to other churches. I wasn't that familiar with them, but I had heard them before. Overall, they try to sing songs that these elderly people know. I have to admit that it was very touching to play for them. Some of them have their favorites, and want to make sure that they get to sing them. One woman loves "In the Garden" and asks for it every time. The women who organize this give a thought each time they come. This time the woman in charge gave a thought about Mother's Day. She got quite emotional, as did we all. I kept wondering how many of those elderly mothers were visited on Mother's day. She did encourage them to think of their own mothers. As we closed, we decided to sing, "Home Sweet Home". I was a bit worried that these people would be homesick, but I think their thoughts were of their childhood. I'm supposed to go back and play again next month. I noticed that those who go regularly have become familiar with the residents. It just made me think that there is a lot of good we can do for others in the world if we just look for it.

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Fromagette said...

Oooo... I love "In the Garden" too. I'm pretty sure they actually have a translation of that in the French LDS hymnbook. Well, I know they do if I am thinking of the right song.