Saturday, February 02, 2008

Take Down!

I posted this on my picture blog, but decided to duplicate it here. A couple of years ago, my son wrestled on his school's team. It was a HUGE time committment, so he decided not to be on the team the following year. This year he decided he missed it and wanted to do it again. He has an amazing coach. He is one of only 5 coaches in the U.S. that is certified to be an Olympic coach. He has really taught my son alot, and my son has really improved quickly, and will letter this year. :) (he says this pic wasn't from his best match, but I liked it anyway)


JJJ said...

my cousin wrestles, and well ill tell you what i told him.
Yes it takes skill.
Yes it takes practice.
Yes its sport that dates along time
Yes Two boys/men groping and foundling each other is disturbing to watch

They need to come up with some new descriptions for the sport though, when your watching it and hear Gary has mounted Larry, i sometimes think the TV channel got changed to the playboy/girl station.

Max said...

Hey D!

Your son is lucky to have such a good coach! I wish him luck for his comeback :).

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