Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Okay if You Talk to Yourself as Long as You Don't Answer

I have a confession, I can't get used to people using a bluetooth. It reminds me of Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek. Actually, even though the site of them is weird to me, the weirdest thing is being in the grocery store and thinking that people are talking to themselves. I think if I had one, it would seem normal to see people apparently talking to no one, but it always takes me by surprise.

The first time I saw one I thought the person was just enjoying having a conversation with themself. I actually wondered if they were mentally stable. Then I started wondering if they were talking to me. I guess I'm technologically slow, someone had to explain it to me.

I felt kind of bad at the grocery store today. I left something cooking on the stove when I left, so pulled out my husband's cell phone that I had borrowed and called home to ask them to check the food. When my husband answered the phone, I said, "Hi". An older woman ahead of me in line turned with the biggest smile on her face. She thought I was saying hello to her. We both felt uncomfortable when she realized I was talking on a cell phone. It made me wish I had said hello to her too.


JJJ said...

When i think of Uhura it makes me remember that she and shattner (kirk) had the first interracial kiss ever televised.

But i hate bluetooths and phones in general, something bothers me about keeping a high magnetic field near my brain.
and for those that say well the phone is at my waist only the mic and headset is near my head, well speakers use magnets so umm you do the math ;)

Nene said...

I have a blue tooth. I do feel weird when I'm using it in public. One time I was at the grocery store and whoever I was talking to told me something shocking. I exclaimed, "YOU'RE KIDDING!" and scared the old guy in front of me. :0}