Saturday, December 01, 2007

My Virtual Christmas Cards to You

Okay, I know this is jumping the gun slightly, but I have a couple of virtual Christmas cards for you all. Thanks to my daughter for filming and posting them.
Please note:
--These were first takes, so there are mistakes :)
--The sound quality isn't the best
--The lighting is bad, but that helps hide things like my gray hair and wrinkles, except when she focused in on my double chin.
--One is my husband and I playing a song together, and the other is my playing alone.
Just click the links below
Video 1
Video 2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yeah for christmas!! I use to play the trumbone,saxaphone, guitar, and drums. Sadly I am as talented in music as Mahatma Gandhi would of been sumo wrestling.
I was disspointed to not hear your singing voice. But watch out Liberace D is on the way!

Merry early Christmas to you and your family, and Happy New Year!
2008! where did 1998-2007 go anyhow?

JJJ the christmas grinch