Friday, November 30, 2007

Some People Shouldn't Have Kids

Tonight I was talking with a woman I know who does alot of babysitting. She lives alone, and I think one reason she likes babysitting is that it makes her feel more like she has a family. Tonight when I saw her, she had 4 children that she was taking care of. The mother of two of the children dropped them off while I was there. One is a baby boy about 6 months, and the other a 6 year old boy. I began to ask my friend about these children. She said their Dad keeps them Monday through Thursday, but they go to school and Day care during the day. On Thursday evening their mother picks them up and brings them to our town. She goes straight to my friend's house and drops them off for the weekend, then picks them up again in time to take them back to their Dad's house on Monday morning. When I saw her drop them off tonight, I asked my friend if the mother was going to work tonight. She said no, she was just going out with friends. I felt sick when I realized that these children are basically being raised without a mother. As I looked at that Baby's face, I kept wishing I could call CPS and have him put in a better home. But in reality, his physical needs are being met, so I doubt CPS could do anything. It's sad that people don't realize how much their children need them.


Nene said...

Too bad you can't call the dad and let him know - or do you think he does know?

Epitome of Sweetness said...

You know, at least she takes them somewhere safe instead of partying around them. Or beating them.