Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mothering Exercises

When I used to drive my son to and from middle school every day, I always saw this Latino mother walking her daughter to and from school. I saw them almost every day, and during my son's three years there, even saw where they live. They don't live far from the school, so it wasn't much of a walk.

I never got the impression that this woman walked with her daughter because of the dangers of her daughter walking alone. I always saw them quietly talking to each other, and as they would part they would hug. I think they really enjoyed this one on one time with each other.

Today I was driving my son to his first day of high school. The High School is quite a distance from the middle school. As I stopped at a light, I saw this same Latino mother walking home after walking her daughter to school. I was impressed by her sacrifice as I mentally calculated how far she had to walk to make this trip twice each day. Although their house is a little closer to the high school than mine, I still appreciate the effort she expends.

I think the time and energy this woman has invested will pay for itself many times over. Of course the woman will get exercise, and be healthier because of her daily walks. But more importantly, she is forming bonds that will help them both through the tribulant teenage years, and last a lifetime.

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