Monday, September 03, 2007

Eating Well?

So, since I've been sick, I've had to go on a bland diet. The weird thing is, I actually have liked it! Yes, there are things I miss, like nachos, steak etc, but surprisingly this hasn't been too painful for me. Maybe being sick makes spices taste too strong or something because plain things have tasted good. Here is a list of things I have eaten this week.
--cream of wheat with banana in it
--english muffin with a cooked egg on it
--applesauce (okay, I'm sick of applesauce)
--shell pasta with frozen peas cooked with it
--baked white fish with a little lemon (I'm not sure what kind of fish my husband bought)
--boiled eggs
--saltine crackers
--white bread
--potatoes and carrots boiled in chicken soup base

I know this isn't the most balanced menu, but I figure this won't last for long. I'm not sure if I've lost weight or not. I don't know where our scale is. Frankly, I gave up weighing myself a long time ago. I judge my weight by what clothes fit. Anyway, I am feeling MUCH better!


Othersideblue said...

ya trying to lose weigh?
I too have to lose a few extra pounds to get into a more proper shape as i critisize my reflection in the bedroom mirror. I'm replacing fruits in place of a heavy loaded dinner and it realy feels much healthier now.

I wish ya well & Good luck with ur diet :)

Native Minnow said...

So, did I miss something here? What did they decide was wrong with you?