Friday, August 17, 2007


I love zinnias. I know they aren't the most beautiful flower in the world, but I love their bright colors in my garden. As I was watering yesterday, and admiring my zinnias, I remembered something that happened years ago when we lived in Provo. I planted zinnias for the first time right in front of our big picture window. I could see them all throughout the day. One day a zinnia bloomed that was particularly colorful. I was surprised at how beautiful it was, and admired it every time I passed the window. I walked by one more time and saw a very large grasshopper sitting eating away the stem, and before I could do anything, the flower toppled from the stem. I was so mad at that grasshopper! I kind of moaned for awhile about how the prize flower had been killed, until one day I got an idea. I went outside and gathered the seeds from the dead blossom. I decided the grasshopper might be able to kill that flower, but I could plant a whole bed of them the next year!

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