Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mo Mo Mormon

I heard there is a new sort of Mormon jargon emerging in Utah. I know here in the Bay area the kids refer to the Police as "Po Po". The kids in Utah have started referring to Mormons as "MO". Here are some ways to use this. Some are ones I heard, some are ones we thought of.

Mo= Mormon
No Mo= Non-Mormon
Mo Town= Provo
Mo Ped= People crossing the street in MoTown (especially in front of the MTC)
Mo Hair= Standard missionary haircut
Po Mo= Economically challenged Mormons
Schmo= Schmoosing Mormon
Pro Mo= Steve Young, or any other Professional Mormon
Su Mo= Mormon Lawyer

Got any more :)


GoodyMom1 said...

slow-mo= a particularly inactive or delayed Mormon

mojo= an attractive or "hott" Mormon

domo= thankful Mormon

Nene said...

Nogo Mo - Someone who never does their visiting teaching or home teaching

YoYo Mo - Jack Mormon

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, that is a term they use in prison for child molesters, so I won't be using it. :) Psychointern

keira said...

Pre Mo - someone about to be baptized

Anonymous said...

ncmo: non-commital make-out