Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Blueberry

Recently we decided we needed a third car. We didn't want to spend alot, and wanted something that would get good gas mileage. We decided upon the Yaris. These are selling like hotcakes where we live, and we aren't that picky about color, so we took the only one that the car dealer had on his lot.

Last month we took a trip as a family, and drove two cars. We used hand held radios to communicate between the two cars. My kids began to use the nickname "blueberry" when talking to the occupants of the Yaris. Um....I'm not going to tell you what they nicknamed our other car...I don't want you to wash my mouth out with soap.

This car is so small, but really roomy inside. I feel sort of like I'm driving a Matchbox car. When we first got it, my kids joked that we could park it sideways at the top of the driveway, and still have room to park the other two cars in the driveway. Until the sprinkler and rain washed it away, there was a big chalk YARIS drawn by my kids on our driveway to show where to park it. It's funny about nicknames though, they sort of stick, and now we all call it the blueberry.


Kris said...

What is that thing sticking out of the back???????

Delirious said...

That's the wind-up key. It's an alternative energy source. ;)