Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tsunami Update

This morning I talked online with the 13 year old young man from Sri Lanka again. He asked how I was, and I said good and asked him the same. He said he was out of sorts because he hadn't treated his mother right. I said, "Did you do something wrong?". He said, "No, I just didn't think of her like I should". He asked how he could make it up to her. I suggested that maybe he could write her a letter. He said, "How can I send a letter up there?" I said, "Mail?" He said, "No, she isn't alive. She died of breast cancer a year ago.". I told him that I believe that when we die, our spirits still live. I told him I feel that because he is her son, I'm sure she is concerned about him, and is probably keeping watch over him. He said, "Yes, she would do that.". I told him that I think if he talks to her, she will know what he says to her. I don't know that this is the case, but I really do believe it. After a few minutes he said, "Do you know that you are the only person that I have dared talk to about her?" I told him that I am willing to talk to him any time he wants.
It's hard to imagine having so many tragic things happen at such a young age. But I do think it has created in him a quality of character that is unique. He isn't spoiled, he isn't egotistical, he isn't self centered. Here is a young man who appreciates the gifts life gives him because he knows they can all too quickly be taken away.

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