Sunday, April 15, 2007


I've written about this topic before, but I keep thinking about it today, and have had some more thoughts on the subject, so decided to post again. I often hear people question how there could be a god when so many bad things happen in this world. If he is god, why doesn't he stop the bad things? Couldn't he prevent bad things from happening? How can he let people be hurt, or abused? How can he allow people to kill and steal, and do bad things to each other?

One of the important things we have been given in this life is our agency, or the freedom to choose. If God forced us to obey, forced us to only do what is right, that would be unjust. It actually is part of justice that we be allowed to choose for ourselves. This is a very key element to this human existence. The freedom to choose helps us to develop as people. Without that freedom, how can we really learn in this life?

Ever since I wrote about this topic, I have thought a lot about it. Today I went to church, and one of the speakers addressed the topic of "agency". While he was talking, it really occurred to me that in the same way people are allowed to choose to do bad, we are allowed to choose to do good. We are also allowed to choose to do nothing. God doesn't force us to not hurt others, but he also doesn't force us to help others either. We have the freedom to waste our efforts, or use them well. It is up to us.

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