Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Mormony" post

Okay, this is a "mormony" post, just wanted to warn you. I don't want to talk in specifics, but there is a certain calling (church position) that two women I know are convinced I am going to get. I think they are reading things in to what a certain church leader has said, and are looking for hints that may not be there. But they have told me they are sure that I will get this calling. Last night I saw one of them at a meeting and she came up to me and was congratulating me! She was telling me she would help me however she could. I kept telling her, "I don't even have the calling!!", but she just laughed and kept telling me how I would do good in this position. is what the church leader said...just for your entertainment. He was talking to one of these women about a certain meeting that needed to be attended. He suggested that maybe I should be the one to go to the meeting, even though that doesn't fall under my current responsibility. But this is an area that I have had some ideas and suggestions in, so I think that is why he suggested I be the one to attend it. But this woman took this as a sign that I would get the calling that this responsibility did fall under.
I think they have psyched me out because now I find myself thinking about what I would do in that position, and about what I think should happen. I have to keep telling myself that I, like them, am crazy! The thing is, this has happened to me before, that I had thoughts like this before I got a calling, and then I did get it. Okay...maybe getting all this out will help me to get it out of my head!
I'm truly psycho.


Inside Stories said...

QUICK! E-mail your sisters and tell them what this job is. (I have a feeling it is not cub scout leader or nursery :0) )

Anonymous said...

I had this happen to me recently. I decided the next time that person said that to me I was going to say, "Well it's too bad that you keep telling me that I'm going to get that calling, because now you have robbed me of the possibility of having the Spirit tell me, so now I won't know if this calling was inspired or not. I also agree that you need to email your sisters and let them know if you have heard more about this calling.