Saturday, February 17, 2007

Animals feel.

We saw this really interesting program on PBS about how animals feel. If you haven't seen this program, watch for it, it is very interesting.

One of the things they told was how hard it was for the dogs who did search and rescue at the World Trade center. The dogs actually got depressed because all they found was dead bodies. They had to arrange for co-workers to hide and let the dogs find them so that they would have success.

They also talked about how chimpanzees share their food more with the other chimps who groom them. They also talked about other animals that have exhibited feelings such as elephants and Mere Cats. It's amazing to think that they have very complex feelings.

Tonight my husband and I went to a meeting, and I noticed a cat hair on his jacket, so plucked it off. He turned to me and whispered, "Keep grooming me, I'll give you some food later."

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