Saturday, January 27, 2007

Witchy Woman

My nephew always titles his posts after song lyrics....I'm so proud I actually thought of one! lol
I have felt really witchy this past couple of days. Oh know what you are thinking....that's not it. I have just had to deal with alot of idiots in the past two days. I'm actually pretty ornery by nature I think. In normal conversation you wouldn't notice it, but get my dander up and the Wicked Witch of the West appears. I don't have alot of patience...maybe that comes from having kids. I get used to telling my kids to do something, and I expect them to obey NOW! So it isa hard habit to break. When I talk to other people in a rational way and they don't react rationally, it is hard to have them not bow in obeisance like my kids. lol I think part of it is my stubbornness. Someone tells me to do something....doesn't ask nicely.....and I dig in my heels. The harder they push...the harder I resist. Maybe I have a split personality......Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde. I am easy going most of the time, but get on my bad side and it's "the exorcist" all over again. Part of me feels bad that I have been so witchy when reacting to idiots this past couple of days. Part of me is ready to bite someone's head off. Just wanted to warn you.


Kris said...

It's probably hereditary. ;)

Inside Stories said...

Well, I want you to teach me how to get your kids to bow in obeisance. How do you do that?