Friday, January 19, 2007


My son plays World of Warcraft. My husband doesn't like that he plays so much. Yesterday afternoon my son took off on his bike for awhile. My husband was so happy! He said, "Maybe he has finally moved out of the W.o.W. stage! He's actually out riding his bike!". I said, "Uh, don't get too excited, I don't think this means he isn't playing anymore.". He said, "I can hope can't I?" Afterawhile, my son came back home. I asked him where he went. He said, "I went down to the store to buy the upgrade for World of Warcraft. " :0S

p.s. He is actually a VERY good kid. His way of thinking is, "What would you rather me be doing? He's right, I can't complain, he doesn't party and doesn't get in to trouble. He's a really good kid.

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Anonymous said...

Those games are addictive though, and I know several people with rocky marriages as a result of late nights playing online games....Psychointern