Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Yesterday I was reminded of when my son had appendicitis in December of 2005. He had been sick with flu like symptoms and abdominal pain for a few days, so I called the advice nurse to find out if I should bring him in. She said it was most likely a virus, so I should wait a week. Well, at the end of the week he was still sick, and the pain had increased. They had me take him in to the doctor.

My son's symptoms were atypical, but frankly, atypical symptoms are often TYPICAL of appendicitis. The doctor suspected appendicitis, but just wasn't sure. He went to call in another doctor for second opinion.

While he was out of the room getting the doctor, he left his computer on. My children feel totally at home with computers, and this son has a natural talent in that area, so he wheeled the doctor's chair up to the computer and began to play. He logged on to the internet for awhile. Then he pulled up the paint program and drew the picture above. When the two doctors came back in, the first doctor looked a little shocked. He realized he had blown it by leaving his computer logged on. But then his look of shock turned to curiosity when he saw the picture my son had drawn.

The second doctor did an exam and said she felt that my son had appendicitis, and she advised I take him to Kaiser's emergency. We prepared to make the 30 minute drive to that facility. I didn't have any cash on me, I didn't even have change to call my husband to tell him what was happening. I will never forget the sweet little nurse that gave me money from her pocket, then when I protested, hugged me and told me to keep it with her blessings.

As we were preparing to go, the doctor went to his computer and printed out a copy of my son's picture for him. He also printed one out for himself. While he was printing the first one for himself, my son made changes to the picture and made the background dark. When the doctor saw the changes had been made, he acted a little disappointed that he couldn't keep both, but he gave my son one. We taped it on my son's hospital closet door while he was in the hospital.

As we were leaving to go to emergency, one of the nurses came up and asked my son how he drew it. He said he used "Paint" and she surprisedly said, "I didn't even know we had "Paint" on these computers!" Trust a kid to find it.


PsychoIntern said...

This would look cool on a T-shirt...

Kris said...

This brings new meaning to
"Tell me what your pain is on a scale from 1-10."
They should just let kids draw how they feel.