Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Guardian Angels

Tonight for our anniversary, my husband and I planned to go out to eat in a neighboring city. Since his work is mid way between our home and the restaurant, I told him I would meet him him at a central location, and we could leave my car and drive from there. Surprisingly, he told me he wanted to come all the way home to get me. I repeatedly asked if it wouldn't be easier for me to just come over and meet him so that he wouldn't have to come all the way home. He said no, he would rather come get me. I thought this odd, and wondered if he liked the feeling of picking me up for a date or something...I really didn't understand.

As we traveled together, he told me that he had witnessed some sort of accident on his way home that night. He had seen an officer climbing over the divider with a flashlight in his hand going to look at something, but my husband couldn't see what it was. We neared the location of the accident, and found that traffic was seriously backed up on the freeway. We pulled off and went through town, planning to eat at a local restaurant instead. The restaurant turned out to be closed, and wasn't in the best of neighborhoods, so we decided to take a longer route and get back on the freeway at a point past the accident scene. As we were driving through town, we noticed the freeway traffic was being redirected through town, so that the road we were traveling on was quite crowded. Suddenly, we heard a big crash noise. We both looked at each other and said, "What was that?". We turned around just in time to see the car behind us lurch forward and slam on it's brakes. Someone had rear ended him from behind, and luckily he was able to stop his car before hitting the back end of ours. That was really a close call. Someone was definitely looking out for us.

After a nice chinese dinner, we headed back home. As we neared the location where the accident had been, we noticed the freeway had been totally blocked off. No traffic was coming in that direction. We could see there were emergency vehicles doing work in that location. I told my husband that if he would keep his eyes on the road in front of him, I would be the rubbernecker to see what had happened.

I could see several police cars, a fire engine, and an ambulance. Then I saw several officers standing over a dead body in the middle of the highway. We turned on the radio to hear the news report. It turned out that a woman rear ended another car on the highway. They think she may have been driving with a suspended license, because she left her car, climbed over the median, and ran across the other side of the highway, in front of on coming traffic. She must have been killed quite suddenly.

What I keep thinking about is that if my husband hadn't insisted on coming to pick me up, I very likely could have been driving in that very area when the accident happened. We also could have very easily been hit by the car that was rear ended right behind us. Someone is watching out for us. I'll be sure to include my thanks in my prayers tonight.

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