Sunday, December 10, 2006


I had to attend a LONG boring meeting today (2 hours). I think I must be a tad ADHD because it's hard for me to sit that long with nothing to do. I started out taking notes on the meeting, but ended up spending most of my time doodling. I know that some people analyze doodles, I hope none of you have that ability. My doodles tend to have a similar theme. Lots of cross hatching and lots of figures that continually sort of spiral outward. Take a look and see if you read anything in to these.

Okay, I decided to do a little internet search, and here are some interpretations I came up with. Hmmmm....
Extensive Space-Filling: Large, complex doodles that have grown almost organically across the page suggest a persistent nature, a love of design and a desire to express ideas. These doodles can sometimes indicate frustrated artistic ability, especially if ornate forms are embedded within them.
Intricate Patterns:

Very detailed doodles are often drawn by people who have an obsessive nature, and who simply will not let go of their ambitions or loved ones. They are also likely to be jottings of highly introverted people.

REPETITIVE SHAPES Patience, perseverance, methodical, developed ability to concentrate

Cross hatching: A sense of suffocation, a need to escape, a desire for freedom, a feeling that his actions are restricted.


Kristen said...

That's actually very interesting. I just draw flowers when I doodle for the most part. Kinda bubbly looking flowers...not sure why.

Delirious said...

Okay, here is what I found about that:

Internal Meaning: Doodles of flowers indicate a gentle personality, a love of nature, sometimes childlike innocence or wistfulness. They represent the feminine, passive aspect of the universe. Some flowers, with a starlike structure, represent the sun/son. Roses with sharp thorns can indicate betrayal of love.

Anonymous said...

I like to doodle dead animals with tire tracks on top...what does that mean? Psycho

Delirious said...

Was psycho your name...or your answer? :P