Saturday, September 09, 2006


Many people are skeptical about whether extra sensory perception really exists, but for generations my family has believed in it and felt that it ran in our family. We have many stories about how this was manifested in our family. I don't think it is particularly strong in my case, but I have had some experiences. There are a few ways that I have noticed it's affect in my life.
1. Unsaid words
I am a talker, I talk out everything that I am thinking about. But as I have matured as an adult I have learned that sometimes things are best left unsaid. The problem with this is that my mind doesn't want to keep them in. Most of the times that I have had "ESP" experiences have been times where I DIDN'T say what I wanted to say. Somehow it eeks out anyway, and people get the message.
2. Emotional connection
I seem to have more experiences with people to whom I am deeply emotionally connected. The one who I have had the most experiences with is my daughter. Let me tell one story (although there have been several). When she was little I was sitting on the couch thinking and she was playing nearby. I was thinking maybe I would try making homemade pretzels. I had bought some pretzel salt and had read a recipe, so thought I could do it. My mind began to wander, and I remembered back to when I was a child and my mother used to make homemade graham crackers. I didn't say anything to my daughter, but just sat there thinking about how I could try making pretzels and graham crackers. Suddenly my daughter said to me, "I want some graham crackers!" (empahsis on the I). Some might say I gave off physical cues. But what physical cue is there for graham crackers? And it wasn't like we ate graham crackers a lot either. If that were a common snack for her, I wouldn't have thought it unusual for her to ask.
My husband isn't a very emotional person. I don't mean that in a bad way, he's just a typical guy. But the one thing he is emotional about is food. He will confess that he is an emotional eater. He eats out almost every day at lunch because he doesn't like taking his lunch. I have this uncanny way of tuning in to his emotions about the food he eats for lunch. I would say that about 70% of the time, without knowing what he ate for lunch, I invariably make that same food for dinner. There is no pattern to it. I don't have a certain dinner menu that I follow, and he doesn't have a certain eating pattern. I usually don't plan ahead what we will eat, I decide in the afternoons what I will cook. Maybe I should start emailing him to make sure I don't duplicate his food every night.
3. Mental pictures
As with words I am thinking, mental pictures seem to eek out of my head too. Once I decided I wanted to try to find a secretary. Not a person, a piece of furniture. It is a desk that has a fold down table. I decided this would really help me get organized and was just what I needed. I thought about this for weeks. I looked everywhere for an inexpensive one that I could buy. My mother in law came in to town to visit. She told me that she had something for me. She had found a secretary and decided to buy it for me! I hadn't told her I was looking for one. Somehow she tuned in to that thought that was consuming my mind.
4. Intuition
Not only do I get gut feelings that I should do certain things, but I get intuitive feelings about people. I can sense when they are troubled. This may be partly a physical cue, but the fact that I tune in to it says that it is a sensitve perceptive ability.
Well, I don't claim to be a psychic. But I have noticed some extra sensory perceptive abilities in myself and many family members. I don't think Science can take a stand on this because they don't really have the techniques to prove or disprove this theory. I would be interested to hear some of your experiences.


Inside Stories said...

Remember when our youngest brother kept insisting on going outside to see the "doggie"? Mom finally gave in and took him out to show him there wasn't one, and he led her to the mailbox and insisted she get it out. He had a birthday card with a dog on the front.
Once I was sitting in the living room when my 2nd daughter was little. I decided I would go run some errands and leave the older kids tending the little ones. She jumped up and said, "No, Mom! I want to go to! Take me to the store with you."
Occasionally the phone will ring and I will know who it is without picking it up or looking at the caller ID, but I have to admit that most of what people think is my ESP is actually promptings I get when something is serious, and I believe it is divine inspiration to direct me in something that needs to be done.

Inside Stories said...

Sorry, I missed the typo. :0+ Well, this way you know it is really me. :0D