Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Art Appreciation

I took an Art History class in college. I also took a few art classes. Although I still consider myself "jack of all trades, and master of none", especially when it comes to my own artwork, I still love art. Looking back at my Art History class, I think my appreciation for art grew in quite the same way that art has evolved over the centuries. When I first began studying art, I loved the Dutch Masters. I loved the detail and realism, while still maintaining artistic integrity. I still love the Dutch Masters, but I've widened my scope a bit. Here are a few examples of the Dutch Masters work.

When we began to study Impressionism, something really took hold in my brain. I love impressionistic art more than any other. Monet is one of my favorite.

Probably my favorite impressionistic artists is Vincent Van Gogh. He was a man who suffered with what was probably Bi-polar disorder. Yet through his suffering he was still able to create some of the most amazing art this world has ever known.

I decided to add on one more image to this post. This is a sample of VanGogh's handwriting. Although analyazing handwriting is one of my hobbies, I'm looking at this through artist eyes. Even his handwriting shows amazing line work in and of itself. When you think about treasures that have been lost in this world, Vincent Van Gogh was surely one of the most valuable.


Inside Stories said...

No Greg Olsen???

Delirious said...

Although I like Greg Olson, I don't consider his art to be in the same league. :0)