Sunday, May 07, 2006

Handwriting Analysis

I have what some may refer to as an "odd" hobby. Many years ago I took an interest in handwriting analysis. I have never taken a class on the subject, but I bought several books and poured over them to learn what I could. Next I began to collect handwriting samples. Using the books as a guide, I would carefully study each one to see what I could decipher. Over time, with persistent effort I became quite competent at the analyzations. Soon family and friends were sending me samples and requesting that I analyze them. I'm still no expert, but it is amazing what I am beginning to see in people's handwriting.

Some people think that handwriting analysis is akin to fortune telling. They think that it is used to predict the future, or good fortune. It is neither of these. In fact, handwriting analysis tells you more about the here and now, than anything else.

What handwriting experts have found is that handwriting can tell you much about a person's personality. People with the same personality traits exhibit the same handwriting traits. One way to see how this works is to look at left handed writers. One would assume that people who are left handed would all write with a left slant. I have examined the handwriting of many left handed writers, and have found that only those with a particular personality trait exhibit a left slant to their writing. This same trait can also be found in right handed writers who have a left slant to their writing.

Many companies in Europe use handwriting analysis when determining whether or not to hire a person. In this way they can look for personality traits that will benefit their company. Imagine the benefit of knowing beforehand if a prospective employee is dishonest. How would your company be benefitted if you knew that one of your employees had strong negotiator skills?

The most interesting thing that has come out of my strange hobby is that now when I see a person's handwriting, I get more of a feeling for who they are than by just talking to them. It's also interesting to me that my husband's handwriting is very pleasing to me. I think I instinctively see in it the same traits that I love about him. Often I will meet a person and instantly like them. When I get a glimpse at their handwriting, I am not surprised by what I see. On the other hand, there is a certain personality trait that I dislike very much. When I meet a person who rubs me the wrong way, I usually find they have the corresponding handwriting trait that relates to that irritating personality trait.

I don't think that I will ever look at handwriting casually again. To me it speaks volumes about a person. I see their wit, I see their intelligence. I see their friendliness, or vanity. So if I meet you on the street, don't be surprised if you see me looking over your shoulder as you write a note to yourself.

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Gail M. said...

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the R.S. evening. I was interested in handwriting analysis during high school when my mother did a little of it. I would really like to get started on it again. Where would I start? I would also like for you to look over a letter from a missionary that had a thing for my daughter.
By the way I have my own blog now, It is under Momasetres. That is a name my kids gave me years ago.
Gail M.