Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chinchilla Delight

My Mom thinks my kids are weird. Of course, she used to think I was weird as a kid too, so maybe it's a genetic trait. Actually, I don't think my kids are weird at all, they just look at the world in a different way. Let me give you a glimpse in to their world.

One time I saw chinchillas on television. They looked so cute and interesting that I really wanted to get one some time. Coincidental as it might seem, my neighbor's cousin works for an animal sanctuary. She gave me a chinchilla mom with two babies. My kids did like them, but they thought I was obsessed with them. They began to say that I was a chinchilla too. If I was thinking about something and didn't respond right away when they asked me a question, they would make chinchilla noises and joke that I would only respond to that. If I made something for dinner that they didn't like, they would say it was chinchilla food.

One day I saw a new recipe on television. You take a flour tortilla and cut up some bananas to put in it. You also put in some chocolate chips. Then you fold it up like a burrito and butter both sides. Then you fry it on a skillet. When it is done, you sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon. My kids had me change the recipe slightly. Instead of bananas, I spread peanut butter on the tortilla, then put the chocolate chips. This is something I often feed them for breakfast.

As you can guess, this food took on a chinchilla aspect. My children began to call it "chinchilla delight". Funny how when you use a name long enough it becomes normal. My chinchillas are long gone, but my kids still ask for chinchilla delight for breakfast.

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PsychoIntern said...

Chinchilla Delight??? That's so wierd!!!

Just kidding. :)