Sunday, July 01, 2018

Short Update

Just a short update since I haven't blogged in a long time.  I'm still trying to finish an independent study class.  I must confess that I should have been finished months ago, but I just haven't been motivated, and I get distracted easily.  I have to finish by August 3, 2018.  If I don't finish, I don't think I will sign up for any more classes.  I have only 8 years to finish my degree, and I've already wasted part of it with only two classes.  I have so many other things in my life that I want to be doing.  Wish me luck on finishing this one though.  I have a busy month ahead of me and am not sure I can finish this.

I got called for jury duty.  But I have TWO reunions this month and don't want to miss either.  I'm hoping the judge will have pity on me.  I will happily do it another time, but this month is horrible for me. 

My garden is growing well but is full of weeds.  I've been going out several nights a week to hoe and pull weeds, but there is still a lot to be done.  I've been putting down grass clippings and it is helping, but I don't have enough for the entire garden yet.  But I have some zuchinni already growing, tons of basil, and a few green tomatoes.  I also was able to pick about 3/4 cup of raspberries.  I've neglected them, so they aren't producing a lot.  Blackberries will come on soon.  My apricots all froze, but I have a lot of peaches growing. 

We have been volunteering at the missionary training center.  We volunteer in the teaching resource center where the missionaries use Chinese to teach us.  It's the best part of my week, and we can feel the Spirit for days afterwards.  We met three Elders who have been assigned to Myanmar.  Myanmar only lets in 8 missionaries at a time, and three of the current ones are going home, so these Elders will replace them.  True modern day pioneers!

I visit a woman from church whose husband just had surgery this week.  She asked for help with evening meals for her.  She gets home late in the evening, and often is too tired to cook.  So we just serve up one portion of whatever we are eating and put it in her fridge that is in her garage (she gave us the code).  She asked for meals every 2 or 3 days.  She eats like a bird, so often makes a meal stretch 2 days.  I've tried to give her really healthy, fresh food.  I need ideas, so please leave a comment if you have any!  I think I will do a strawberry, spinach salad next.

We finally got a new mattress after 23 years of sleeping on the same one.  Granted, it was a really good mattress when we bought it, but after 23 years it was dilapidated.  But this new mattress is quite a bit softer and we are having a difficult adjustment.  I think we will adjust though, and actually, it has been really nice to not have pressure pain in my joints.  We also got a headboard for our bed.  We bought it used, but it is in great condition.  It looks great!  We haven't had a headboard for a long time.  I don't know why, I guess we always had other priorities. 

My husband and I have been following Qanon.  We started back in November with the first drops.  It has been a very historic movement, and we are praying for those who are fighting the deep state and evil that have encompassed our nation.  July is a big month for Q, and the enemy is going to fight back hard, so watch out for:  "false flags" that try to distract the public and the media, and for violence that is strategically organized to try to thwart the efforts of those fighting the deep state.  July is the big month.  Have you been "red-pilled"? 

I'm looking for pockets of time to make more youtube videos.  I really want to start making videos for my grandkids.  Like, maybe just a video of my husband and I playing with playdough.  My husband calls it our "Mr. Rogers" videos.  :)  I also would like him to make some videos explaining some things for our family.  We are thinking about it a lot, we just need that pocket of time.

Well, that's just my little update for the month.  I will blog again when I get in the blogging mood again.  :)

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