Monday, January 06, 2014


My sister Inklings has had to make her blog private.  Her ex-son-in-law seriously must have some kind of mental illness, and is trying to use what she blogs about against her.  She has mentioned on her blog some of he hell he has put them through.  Although she has never written his true name, nor even her own, he tried to sue her for slander.  The courts denied his claims.  But he still tries to get revenge, even though my sister is very honest, and would never write untrue things.  But like I said, he doesnt' appear to be mentally stable, and has SERIOUS control issues.  And if he or his friends are reading this, please, please urge him to get psychiatric help.  And warn his girl friends.  I'm not saying that spitefully, I'm saying that out of deep concern for the girl friends, and for his children.  If you don't see his mental illness, just do something to make him mad and see what he does.

My sister has enjoyed the friendships that she has made in the blogging world.  So if you are one of those true friends, please comment below, and if she hasn't added you to her private blog, perhaps she can add you.  I actually think this is great, and am glad she didn't pull out of the blogging world all together. 

And to ex-son in law I have something to say.  You have a lot of anger inside you.  It's not normal to feel that much anger, and to continually think of ways to get revenge.  You can't be happy being that upset all the time.  You have to take some responsibility for your own actions.  You can't change the events of  the past year, but you can change the future.  If you put out love and good in the world, you will get love and good back.  If you continue to put out anger and revenge, no love and good will come to you.  Seriously, and I don' say this to be mean, but seriously consider getting professional counselling. 


Rummuser said...

Inklings, I have been reading your comments on this blog for long and can safely say that you deserve better than what you are going through. I know of other such cases and can relate to your problems and while I cannot do anything about it from here, I send you my best wishes for the harassment to stop.

Inklings said...

Thank you so much, Rummuser. It has been a trying experience, but my daughter and I are tough. :) Every word and action has just testified to us that she made the right decision to leave.