Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Random Pictures

Just a few random pictures from recent activities.This was a worker outside my apartment.  It was raining, so she added a plastic bag to her chinese bamboo hat.  I thought it was pretty clever.  I hope she didn't seem me playing papparazzi from inside...
We had a halloween party here at our house, and asked people to bring snacks to share.  One couple brought these "jack o lanterns".  ;)

This is a picture of my Aunt.  I took this picture at church when I was in the States in July.  On the right is my cousin.  My Aunt's health had gotten bad, so she asked him if he would take her to church every week.  At that point, he wasn't attending church at all.  But he is a very giving person, and very loyal to family, so he agreed to take her.  He would even attend the women's meeting with her so that he could be available if she needed help.  He found in the process, that he really enjoyed attending, and regained those religious feelings he had not felt for awhile.  He got just as much from the arrangement as she did.  I'm glad I took this picture with my Ipad that Sunday, because she died a couple of months later.  

My lesson to learn is to keep my camera handy.  You never know what you might see, or which picture will be the last picture of someone you will take.

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