Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Distraction

Sorry, I'm too distracted to write today.  (harr harr....sorry, couldn't resist that one.)

Being one of the queens of A.D.D., I am easily distracted.  One of the ways it manifests itself the most is in my lack of ability to listen to people talk for long periods of time.  There have actually been times when I have made a comment that I suddenly realized was kind  of "off the wall".  I have had to go back and explain my thought process that made me make that comment.  For example, my husband might be talking about what we ate for dinner.  My brain goes off on a merry little jaunt and totally leaves that topic behind.  I start thinking about a cooking show I saw, and thinking about the dish they made.  Then I might think of a pinterest pin that had a similar recipe.  That might lead me to think about one of my pinterest boards about how to build a chicken coop.  And then I might say out loud, "I wonder how much it would cost to build a chicken coop."  My husband, who has just finished talking about the mexican food we ate, will just look at me and stare.  So then I have to explain my wild comment, and the thought process that led me there.  But the upside to attention deficit disorder is that I can easily entertain myself, right?  ;)

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Shackman said...

ADD - alwats distracted delores??? Now that was a cute story - yep - self entertainment of the highest order - LOL

Rummuser said...

Right. You are indeed blessed.

Grannymar said...

I have not forgotten or given up my blog reading or commenting, I was just distracted this week with family and other outings. It was busy but fun!

Looney said...

You are doing much better than me if you can remember the sequence of thoughts that got you to where you ended up.

Amber said...

I do that a lot - maybe it's a family thing! ;)