Friday, September 18, 2015


We made a quick trip to St. George, Utah this week.  My cousin was going through the temple there for the first time, and I really wanted to show my support by attending.  He is a wonderful person with a big heart.  It was so great to be there with him.
We went down the night before and stayed at my in-law's house.  It was a little disconcerting for my mother having to sleep in a new bed in a strange house, but she did okay.  My in-laws were away on a camping trip, but my husband's youngest brother was there, so we got to visit him.  He is mentally ill, and has a lot of health problems, so it was good for him to have us come.
We took him out to eat that night at Panda Express.  I don't know if I ate something bad, or if I caught a virus, but I've been struggling with stomach problems ever since.  I was worried that it might keep me from going to the temple with my cousin, but I prayed a lot, and didn't have any problem going.
We needed to come back home for the "SNAP" program in the evening, so we left right after we got out of the temple.  We did stop for lunch at a diner.  After we had driven about 2 1/2 hours, my mother announced that she was sure she had left her wallet at the diner!  I told her I didn't remember her taking it in, but she insisted that it was on her lap, and was sure it had fallen on the floor when she got up.  I thought I knew the name of the diner, but when I tried to search it on Google, I couldn't find it.  I searched the car over and couldn't find the wallet anywhere.  I decided that I would wait until we got home to search the internet for the phone number of the diner, and call and ask them to send it to us if they had it.
We got home a little earlier than I thought we would, so went ahead and unpacked the car.  As I was picking up my mother's temple bag, I decided to open it, and lo and behold, found her wallet there.  That may not sound unusual, but the weird thing is that I don't know how it got there!  I just can't imagine why she would have put it there.  She is starting to misplace things a lot.  We spend a lot of time trying to find things that she has misplaced.  I'm just thankful that this time she had misplaced it in a convenient place!


Inklings said...

I was wondering if you went down for that and I am glad you did! I am also glad you found Mom's wallet.

Terri said...

I had a similar experience earlier this year. My mom had driven to Idaho to visit her sister. She became overly fatigued and called me for help so I took the bus to Rigby and drove her home.

After I got back to my house I received a call from a woman who worked at the Rexburg temple telling me she had my mother's wallet! It was found in the parking lot there. My mom hadn't even missed it. My aunt went to the temple and picked it up then mailed it to my mom.

I hope my kids are patient with me when I start misplacing lots of things.