Sunday, August 24, 2014

Root Beer Contest

One of the nice things about living closer to family is that we can get together more often.  Recently we were celebrating the birthday of one family member, as well as "National S'mores Day".  One family member suggested that we have a root beer tasting contest.  My husband's brain loves tasks such as collecting different kinds of root beer, so he scoured the stores for as many different kinds of root beer as he could.  In all, they were able to find 21 different kinds!  I'm sorry my pictures turned out kind of blurry.  :(

Surprisingly, some of the most expensive ones weren't the best tasting!  One of the favorites was a 2 liter bottle that they bought at the dollar store!   Some of them were down right gross.  We had small cups and just took a teaspoon or so of each.  It's surprising how different they all were!  They don't really drink root beer in Asia because it tastes very much like a medicine they use.  But in America, it is a tradition!  And in case you are wondering, there is no alcohol in it.  We were thinking that next time maybe we could try tasting something else like cheese, or cheese cake, or maybe chocolate!  :D  We also talked about doing a salsa making contest.  We would make that ourselves instead of buying it.  Now that is something I would love! 



Rummuser said...

We do not have root beer in India but instead have a number of concentrates to which we add water and ice to make tall cool drinks, Among my favourites are sarsaparilla and a Unani preparation called Rooh Afzah. You can google for both of them.

Delirious said...

Rummy, sarsaparilla is similar to root beer. :)

Euripides said...

Twenty-one kinds of root beer? Who'd have thought?