Monday, March 17, 2014

Random Pictures

I'm starting to realize that our time here in China is short, so I'm trying to get some pictures.  Today I saw some workers outside their restaurant doing pre-work exercises.  They were dancing to some music.  I really wanted to take a picture, but was too embarrassed...  lol

This is a picture of our apartment building.  I wanted to make sure I got the flowering tree in the shot.   Our apartment is the bottom one....the door that you can see.

We met a man who is going to be an exchange scholar at a university in New York in the fall.  We are helping him to brush up on his english.  This is his little girl Le Le (pronounced Luh Luh).  Her name means beautiful.  Isn't she aptly named?  She was playing with her father's phone, and took about 2 dozen pictures of me, some with my tongue sticking out at her.  ;)

This was my lunch today.  This is a fast food place that I really like.  From left to right, starting on the top row:  seaweed, pork strips with two kinds of peppers in a spicy bean sauce.  Bottom row:  seaweed soup (I forgot to take off the lid for you to see), salted pork custard, rice.  The salted pork custard is sooooooooo good!

This is my shopping cart.  I had it heavily loaded today, and a bag holding potato chips hanging on the back with my camera bag.  This cart has been a lifesaver for me!

These large cows are at the Walmart shopping center.  They have about 6 of them.  My sister in law has some near her house, and she has always enjoyed seeing them, so I took this picture for her.

Oh, I don't have a picture for this, but the other day I was riding the bus when we came to a place where a car was over the lane line.  The bus driver very carefully drove past.  We were stopped at a light, when all of the sudden the driver of that car came up and started yelling at our driver.  She said he had hit her car.  None of us in the bus believed it.  The driver told her he would drive around the corner and stop at the bus stop.  She said, "Don't drive away!"  But she didn't follow fast enough, so he did drive away.  

That's all the snippets for today!


Grannymar said...

I liked your random photos. We had those cows popping up around the cities and towns, I think it was about two years ago. They certainly added colour!

Max Coutinho said...

Hey D,

Yes, Luh Luh is gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing these marvellous pictures. So, you are coming home, huh? You must be excited.


Liz said...

When do you leave China? Have you figured out where you are going to come back to? I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Rummuser said...

Nice, Very nice.

Maxi said...

Love your photos D, 'cause they are so different.

Those cows at the Walmart are lovely. Do you know why they are there?

Are you excited about moving? Do you know when?

blessings ~ maxi