Sunday, February 02, 2014

Stay At Home Mom

My daughter got a job working in a daycare.  They gave her the responsibility of caring for infants. After a week, she decided she is going to quit the job.  From what she said, I gathered that this is not a low class daycare.  It's a typical daycare like you would find anywhere in the U.S.  She, along with one other person, was to care for 8 to 10 infants that are under 10 months of age.  Basically, all of the babies cried the whole time. 

This really made me wonder if the mothers of those infants know what kind of experience their babies are having.  I know there are many women who have no other choice.  But what about the women who do have a choice to not work?  I know my daughter, and I know she loves children.  She is very good with children.  But how could she possibly give all of the love and attention they need to that many babies?  Yes, their basic needs are being met, but what about their emotional needs? 

I'm not criticizing those who must put their children in daycare.  I understand that in this world today, we have a very difficult economic situation.  I'm also not criticizing daycare workers.  They do the best they can.  They care about their jobs.  They care about the children.  But I just wonder, if the mothers could switch bodies with their babies for one day, and see what their life is like in daycare, if they would continue to choose to work, given the option. 

Here are some things I would, and did give up to stay  home with my kids: 
--designer labels.  Heck, I mostly bought used clothing!
--cable television
--eating out at fine restaurants
--electronic gadgets (I-phones....I-pads...etc.)
--expensive jewlery
--new furniture
--expensive cars

Each person has to make this decision for themselves.  But I can't stop thinking about those babies that cry for their mother all day.


Inklings said...

I gave up a l;ot to stay home with my kids, and it was worth it. But each person's circumstances are different and they have to make the decision for themselves. It is disturbing that the daycare your daughter was working at left babies that way, though.

Lindsay Logic said...

My daughter goes to a daycare facility in the afternoons. The older kids give a LOT of attention to the little ones, and there are constant fun activities. No offense, but it sounds like that daycare is really lacking the personal touch of a home daycare. My daughter has a lot of fun and has made several friends from daycare. And she loves the babies. I think it's a good thing for her socially.

Delirious said...

LL, you could be right...this could be a problem of the "business" type day cares. Also, I do think it us a different experience for older children who are more independent. I just feel sorry got those babies.

Lindsay Logic said...

It is sad for the babies. I know that the daycare provider for my daughter always has a rough start with new babies, but hers adjust well after about a week. I am really lucky to have a good provider. Plus it would be harder to leave a baby. My daughter likes the play time.