Friday, January 24, 2014

Say it Like it is

I was reading Stephanie Nielson's blog about why she blogs.  She mentioned that she has had a lot of hateful people comment on her blog.  She said that she never writes anything that she wouldn't say in person.  Actually, I am the same.  Everything I say, I would say in person.  I believe in straight communication, because people may not always get your meaning if you beat around the bush.

I think there is a difference between being hateful, and being direct.  The unfortunate thing is that the truth often hurts, even though it may not have been delivered with hateful intent.  In fact, often the real truth hurts more than hateful words.  We have a scripture in our religion that says we should "reprove" "at times with sharpness" but show an increase of love thereafter.  I often am "sharp", and direct when I feel strongly about something.  I do not call names.  I do not say hateful things.  But I do assess the situation accurately and tell my feelings directly.  Unfortunately, in the blogging world we are not always given the opportunity to follow up with the increase of love. 

So I will continue to say it like it is, although I will continue to not be hateful.  I strongly believe that I need to stand up for what I believe, even if my comments aren't easy to hear.  Someone has to stand up for what is right in this world!  If we all just roll over and say nothing, out of fear that someone will be angered by what we said, that is not standing up for the truth.  Silence if often interpreted as acceptance. 

In like manner, I will only allow comments that are direct, without being hateful, or are using foul language.  Calling names, swearing, being out right rude, without having an actual legitimate argument is just not acceptable in my world.  If you have an argument with something I say, you are free to disagree.  You are not free to swear at me, or attack my character with childish comments.  In fact, "ad hominem" attacks are all to frequent.  Instead of actually coming up with a counter argument, people often just attack the character of the other person.  This deflects the true issue, and frees them from having to actually come up with a real counter point. 

So if you ever get a comment from me that you don't like, perhaps you should look inward.  I know that I am not writing it with evil intent.  I know that I am just saying it like it is.  If you are upset, then chances are I hit a nerve of truth.  And if you comment to me, and I dislike what you wrote, I will do the same.  But if you are coming just to hate on me, be prepared for your comment to be deleted.

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Rummuser said...

You are yet to upset me!