Monday, January 13, 2014

Hugs For Stephanie Nielson

Stephanie Nielson is a popular "Mormon Mommy Blogger" from Utah.  I love to read her blog because she writes with such gratitude about her blessing of being a mother.  She seems to really savor those precious mothering moments, and really does make the best of the time she has been given.  Today I want to send virtual hugs to her because of a particular post that she wrote. 

There have been some clashes of thought in the Mormon blogging world recently, and I got caught up in that torrent.  I think that most people who believe the same as me were not even aware of the conversation.  But Stephanie Nielson, who is a very well known blogger, decided to write about her own personal beliefs.  She and I share the same thinking, so it felt like support when I read her post. 

Stephanie is a person who has suffered enough tragedy for a thousand people.  She has suffered enough for one lifetime, that's for sure.  So it really troubled me to read that she received some backlash for what she wrote.  She wasn't calling names, she didn't even refer to any specific conversation, and she didn't get caught up in the conversations that were going on in blogland.  She simply stood up and spoke from her soul, and shared her feelings, and received negativity in return.

I really felt that I wanted to return the support that I felt from her.  Years ago she turned off the comment section of her blog because of hateful comments she was receiving.  People criticized her for the way she parented, the way she looks, etc.  So I knew I couldn't comment on her blog and support her that way.  I thought about Twitter, but I'm really not a "Twitter-er", and am not too sure that she is either.  I thought about Facebook, but she doesn't really do Facebook.  I finally decided to write my support here, and just send out the good vibes in to the blogosphere. 

Stephanie, thank you for defending truth and righteousness.  Thank you for standing up and telling the world who you are, and that it's okay to believe and follow your ideals.  Thank you for being a beacon of hope for other women who believe like you.  And thank you for setting an example of the joy that comes from being a mother and being a "mormon mommy".  You may not hear the support from women like me, but I know it's out there.  Hang in there!  Hugs! 


jen said...

I felt the same way when I read her post. Later that day, I read my oldest daughter's blog, and she wrote another post supporting Stephanie. It was so well written and genuinely expressed. I can just say one thing--glad I'm not in that family right now. Let's talk fireworks!

Inklings said...

I agree with you completely and I love Stephanie's blog and admire her for the way she lives her life.

Anonymous said...

Delirious said...

Anonymous, I do not doubt that feminist members believe and are true to their faith. Perhaps our difference in opinion comes in the way I see them approaching their concerns. I am very anxious to listen to General conference this April. I am curious to see if they will discuss this issue.