Saturday, January 04, 2014

Food Regrets

I asked my husband tonight if, after he dies, there is anything he will regret not eating.  Yea, we do have these kinds of conversations.  He couldn't think of anything he would regret not eating.  Me either.  We've had a pretty good food life. 

I was thinking about how when you die, your spirit leaves your body, and your body gets buried in the ground.  So you don't get to eat anymore, right?  I bet that people who have died really miss food.  I imagine spirits standing over people in the restaurant "spirit drooling" over their food.  It must be torture!  But then again, maybe without a stomach, nose, and taste buds, they don't have the desire to eat.  But sometimes I wonder if I will hover around thinking, "If only I could have eaten one more piece of cheesecake!"

I have to say that I'm going to miss the food in China when I finally leave.  I won't have regrets about not eating things, I will just miss the things I love.  If you want good street food, come to China!  The other day I was walking home and feeling a little peckish so stopped and bought 2 steamed meat buns.  I paid all of 15 cents for them!  I had been trying to decide between that and a roasted sweet potato or some roasted chestnuts.  See, I'm drooling already, and I'm still alive.

There is one thing I have said to my kids over the years.  I usually say it at dinner time.  Whenever we have something particularly delicious I say, "We eat like kings."  Honestly, sometimes we eat things that are so good, that I can't imagine a king having anything better tasting.  Nope, I won't have any food regrets when I die.  My waistline can vouch for that.


Rummuser said...

That is a very interesting question and I intend spending the next week thinking up those dishes that I have heard about but never got around to eating. The field narrows considerably now because I have turned vegetarian, but it should still be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think it is absolutely inappropriate that you would suggest that departed spirits watch over us and drool over our food. Where is that in the scriptures?

Delirious said...

You are right, Anonymous, it's a good thing I only have about 30 readers, and they all know this was "tongue in cheek"

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight. Because you only have 30 readers, you do not have to abide by your own strict blogging guidelines of writing only church doctrine?

You don't get it, do you?

But again, the point here is, this is your blog, and you are free to epxress your feelings, your interpretations, your anything as you see fit. You are not a spokesperson for the church so you are free to express your own ideas. Just like CJane and anyone else you criticize can.

But you don't see it that way, do you?

Nope, didn't think so.

Delirious said...

If CJane's comments had been tongue in cheek, I would not have commented. Yes she is free to write whatever she wants, and likewise I am free to have an opinion about it. You shoot me for disagreeing? To me, that us the tyre double standard

Delirious said...

Bah I meant true. Auto correct hates me

Anonymous said...

As I thought. You don't get it.

Delirious said...

Apparently it's okay to write whatever you want, even if it's not true, in a blog, but it's not okay to disagree with what the person wrote. Yea, I get it loud and clear.