Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Crochet English Class

The girls are improving in their crochet.  I have no idea whether or not their English is improving.  I'm just giving them a chance to practice speaking and listening.  But we might as well have fun while they are learning, right?  On Tuesday I snapped a couple of pictures of them.  I will see how they have done the past couple of days, and if they are up to it, I will teach them more.

Oh, I meant to tell you about what one of the girls did.  I was having them practice crocheting a chain.  One of them had learned how to do this by hand, without a crochet needle!  I thought that was awesome!  But she took it out so that she could practice doing it with the needle.  The Chinese are really the masters at handicrafts, and they have so many talents!


Becky said...

They sure look like they're having fun. What a great thing for you to do!

Grannymar said...

The girls look like they are enjoying crochet. Let them keep at it and make a scarf or hat. Then They will have a great sense of achievement and be eager to try something else.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I must learn to crochet. It appeals to me.

Max Coutinho said...

Wow, crochet without a needle? That girl is super talented: kudos for her.

Hi D,

Those girls have beautiful hair, let me tell you.
They are lucky to have you there with them.