Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not Desensitized Yet

My "activity days" group of girls came over again yesterday.  They had asked if they could watch a movie in English.  We just happen to have a wonderful entertainment room downstairs.  It has a big screen television with surround sound speakers, and a karaoke machine to boot.  There is a big wrap around pink couch.  Hmm....I just remembered that when we were down there, I forgot to lock the door.  I'm going to run go take a picture to show you.

So we went downstairs, and they chose to watch "Tron".  I hadn't really seen the movie all the way through, but I knew it was a Disney movie.  They kept asking me if there would be blood.  I told them no.  Actually, there was a scene with a tiny bit of blood, but the rest wasn't bloody.  Because it was Disney, they decided it was safe to watch.  But it was interesting to me to see how sensitive they were to violence, action, and gore.  I realized that they aren't exposed to the video games, movies, and television to which our children in America are exposed.  And I also noticed that they were totally absorbed in the story!  One of the girls kept saying how much she loved the movie!  She doesn't get out much.  lol  I was also surprised about their sensitivity to the volume.  The surround sound speakers (see them behind the couch?) made the volume difficult to control.  But I knew they weren't used to loud sounds, so I adjusted the volume according to the scene.  Some scenes had more music, which was louder.  So obviously, these girls don't listen to loud music, and don't go to concerts.  :)  That's the way I grew up, so I can appreciate them.  I still can't listen to loud music.  In some ways, I'm excited to share some great movies with them.  In another way, I want them to stay sensitive.  I hope they don't become desensitized to violence and filth.  I'll do my best to help them.


Rummuser said...

Downstairs being a community sharing entertainment hall? Or is it your personal entertainment room?

Delirious said...

Rummy, we have the 1st floor apartment, which includes a room below round level. The downstairs level has an entertainment room as well as some storage closets and a bedroom.