Friday, October 04, 2013

Love Your Enemies: Part 2

Well, after having a chance to throw my temper tantrum, I have decided to stick with the Christian group that I joined.  I do feel that each of you gave good advice, and I appreciate your suggestions.  In the end, it was the words of a friend of mine that kept coming back to me.  I actually haven't talked to him for a long time.  He is an athiest, and hates organized religion, but he is respectful of my beliefs.  I used to complain to him about some of the anti-Mormon attacks I was receiving.  He is a very interesting person who had a very difficult life growing up.  I think that living through that gave him insight and clarity.  So whenever I ask his advice, he gives it to me straight, and usually can really assess the situation well.  His advice is usually right on.  I remember him telling me, in effect, that if you can't stand the heat, to get out of the kitchen.  He reminded me that I was choosing those battles by engaging in the conversation.  He would remind me that if I didn't like the heat, I could always bow out, but once I jumped in, I should stay in. 

And so I have decided to stay, but I will choose my battles carefully.  I will probably always speak up when someone launches a full on attack on my Church, because to me that is part of being loyal, and sticking up for what I believe.  I hate unfair, uneducated predjudice, and I can't sit by and watch others make false accusations.  So I will probably always speak up, even if it means I will suffer some attacks in the process.  But in other cases I will just choose to let them argue and devour each other.  :D 

Another reason I have chosen to stay is that I have noticed that some of them have developed a measure of respect for me.  Some have even come to my defense.  While it isn't the most important group in the world, and not the most educated about religion, I'm happy to have the chance to represent my faith in the midst of them. There is an LDS missionary who also joined the group who has always tried to support me.  He is always so positive, and I think he is a great example of Christlike behavior.  I sort of feel like he is "good cop" and I am "bad cop" sometimes.  lol  But hopefully I can learn to be more like him, and be another "good cop", and set a better example of my religion. 

Thanks again for your input.  I do value it, and you helped me to clear out the cobwebs!

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