Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pummelo Season

It's pummelo season here in China, and when things are in season, you have to eat them while you can, because once the season is over, they are gone!  If you have neve tried one before, they are kind of like grapefruit.  But they are MUCH larger than grapefruit.  They aren't as acidic, nor as juicy.  Have you ever had an old grapefruit that was kind of dry?  That's kind of like the texture of a pommelo, except they are always that way.  But even though that may not sound good, they are really good!  They can have either white or pink flesh inside.  Pick one that has yellow skin, and is heavy for it's size.  They are tough to peel, so I suggest scoring the peel before trying to peel it.  There is a layer of thick white skin inside too that needs to be peeled off.  If you see one in your grocery store, try it for a change!  :)  Below is a picture I snagged from the internet.  It shows a pummelo next to a lemon.  But actually, most of the pummelos here are much larger than this.  One picture showed that you can cut off the more pointy end, and then peel it from there.


Grannymar said...

Due to the need for medication, I avoid grapefruit.

The chemicals in the fruit can interfere with the enzymes that break down (metabolize) the medication in your digestive system.

Rummuser said...

They are in season here too. I make juice as I find it simpler than to peel and eat it.