Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Wrong Fit

It's sometimes hard to live in a nation of smaller sized people.  Not all Chinese are shorter and skinnier than me, but most are.  Sometimes I really feel like a giant here!  When we went back to the States for the summer, my husband commented that he felt more like he blended in there, not so much because of his race, but because his size was more acceptable.  We just stick out here because of our size!

Now, I'm not so much worried about how I appear, as how this affects me in my daily life.  The hardest thing for me is that I don't fit in the small spaces allocated for Chinese.  On the bus, they make the seats so close together sometimes that I can't even sit straight forward because my legs are too long!  Sometimes I lap over the side of the small seats and invade the space of the person next to me.  But I notice that the Chinese can easily squeeze past someone in the aisle seat and into the seat by the window without even touching them. 

The other problem I have is with buying clothing.  I was able to find a shirt that fit, but it was a Chinese XXXL.  In the States, I wear an XL.  Don't even think about trying to find pants that fit me.  The largest size of pant here would probably be just the right size for my thigh alone.  And shoes?  I needed a sturdy pair of shoes for the winter, so had to buy the largest men's size available.  I do have large feet, but I'm just glad they still had my size in a men's! 

The good news is that my husband lost 25 pounds this past year.  He has been eating Chinese food for lunch every day, instead of the fattier fast food, and heavy calorie food available in the U.S.  His lunch usually consists of a bowl of rice accompanied by several dishes of stir fried vegetables with a little meat added in.  I am sure hoping he loses another 25 lbs. this year!  But even then, he still won't fit in Chinese spaces.  :)

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Grannymar said...

I would do well in China width wise! For years I was told, in jest, not to walk over a drain grating in case I fell through! :-)

Rummuser said...

Now, you have given me an idea. My kitchen becomes Chinese forthwith! May be I will be able to fit into XXL soon!