Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: My Favorite Movie

Sorry I'm late for this post.  I haven't had computer access for a few days.

The name of my favorite movie changes from year to year, not because the movie itself changed, but because I change and my tastes change.  For example, my favorite actor when I was a girl was Roddy McDowall.  I think I just had a crush on him, and I liked his accent.  I honestly don't even know that many movies he was in.  But if you asked me my favorite actor today, my answer would be quite different.  So too, my view of movies changes with age, and what might have been my favorite movie, even a year ago, isn't my favorite movie today.

It's hard for me to narrow it down to one movie, but I think one of the favorites I've seen this past year was "The King's Speech".  Is it just me, or am I right that British actors really are the best?  Or maybe it's the producers that are the best, hence the actors look good.  I don't know, but I love to watch British productions.  I know that movie was rated R.  I don't watch R rated movies, but this one was shown edited on television in China.  I tend to love to read biographies, so maybe that's why I like this biographical movie.  Great story, great acting

The other night we watched an HBO special that was excellent.  It is a 7 part series called "John Adams".  For Americans, this is a very moving series that takes you right back to the founding of our country.  They did a great job of finding actors who looked like the original patriots.  I didn't watch all 7 parts because I am getting old and couldn't stay awake.  But it's a great series if you ever have the chance to see it.

There are some movies that will always be among my favorites.  To name a few:  "The Sound of Music", most movies produced by Hitchcock, "The Conversation"  (Gene Hackman is a highly underrated actor), and of course the classics like "On the Waterfront", "Rebel Without a Cause", "Casa Blanca", etc.

There is one small bit part by an especially talented actress.  The movie was "Steel", and the actress was moi.  If you look really carefully during the funeral seen, you might see a tall long haired teenager wearing a red turtleneck and red dress.  Notice the grieved look on her face as she watches the funeral proceedings.  Classic.  ;)
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Grannymar said...

"The Sound of Music" was the first movie that I saw on a very wide screen, way back in 1966!

Rummuser said...

It is indeed very difficult to choose one above many in a situation like this but your explanation that it keeps changing is also very valid.

blackwatertown said...

Some goodies in your list. I've seen most of them. But I'm still shocked to have a friend who is a film studies lecturer who has never watched Casablanca. Why not?

Must watch out for that stellar mourner in Steel.